Jorðen is a world in the balance. Civilization lies balanced between night and day, reign and ruin. Barbaric Goblinoids rule the daylight, and insidious empires vie for control of the night.

There are no gods, no devils, no angels or demonic hosts to appeal to for strength, courage, power, or succor. Following the events of the Godswar, the people of Jorðen must forge their own paths, brave unforgiving hemispherical deserts and glaciers, and make a destiny for themselves.

For characters, check out the Cultures of Bredane and Alba, the two nations at the focus of the campaign. As the campaign begins in Bredane, you should probably familiarize yourselves with the Guilds of Bredane and the politics of the region, and honestly, spend some time in the wiki. It’s been a lot of fun building the world, even before we play in it, so come and see what we’re about! Once you know a little about the world, The Character Generation Guidelines will help you create a character.

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